song by Nick Brewer
Four Miles lyrics

Took time but I finally found it
My feet rhyming a beat found in the silence
About time that it all come
Never had to go nuts like I never been high for so much
But I'm betting guys like you beside them doughnuts
Throwing a rap FOR NO REASON
Spitting a track with no meaning like you never pinned it up
You know I'm filling the blanks so don't leave 'em so hear me out
Because I mumbled for so long but I speak clearly now
And if I told you I got you then know that I really do
I've been clearing out FEAR AND DOUBTS,
I don't even know the whereabouts, like my old man to know why
I'm just speaking honest, I don't lie like most guys
Like I never wanted to co-sign, I'm fine without 'em
A lot of guys doubt, I let 'em doubt
But when I'm around 'em I spit bars and everybody's in a shock
And it's harder, a bit stuck in a ballot
And time ticks, faucet like in a bath
Man, you see, people are fearful, I know this but don't give a notice
Stay focused, give it a hop, MAKE PROGRESS
Getting the gold as they process and it takes time, it won't be built in a day
So don't be walking away, I'm hoping you feel what I say
Look, I feel your pain, I felt the grain of all sorts
They tell you to move this food like it's only a cube or two
And that's something that you don't do
Until now but it's real now