MURS - Survivor

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Close the door, ring in for some moments
I'd like to scope the floor with all of my opponents
Tell it how it is, take it how you want it
Sound a little different in that radio rap, don't it?
'Cause this is what it sounds like
Real motherfuckers get around mic
Twenty one savage with the rhyme
You started out on Youtube rapping for divine
Slow mo dancing on that pop shit like cocoa
Better be aware of the drop kick
[?] make the airway toxic
Spitting so local, man, these suckers can't stop it
That's how you're supposed to hit the block bitch
Modern day get old profit
How could I not be? I was raised on that path shit
I could go pro, yeah homie, watch this
Used to be loco, now I'm dancing on tap bitch
Twenty years deep [?]
This is probably jackpot, I've been so obnoxious
We were screaming on the [?]
Nigga, can't you see I'm exorcising demons?
Get back, nigga
Haven't been right in a long time
Should I just make you sleek in the wrong kind?
Feel [?] to the bay, niggas know me
Used to be greyhound, bail now OG
One call, get a rap nigga lit up
[?] y'all don't need to fuck with us
Killers, hustlers, pimps, weirdos
Call em criminals
But those are my heroes
Well, on this east side I am
You wanna picture that moment? Nigga, here I am
When Cypress Hill made killer man
I just started writing in, I was still a fan
Made my first song in my [?] house
Back when my mama used to worry bout my wear
Hit the pro nigga [?]
Curfews college that I did not care about
I was off on my own, captain of my own ship
Tryina be pro