song by Murs & Fashawn
Slash Gordan lyrics

Uhm, you niggers sick, but don't stop amuse us
Slangging hard rock , fly us as eagles
When this shit drop, they gon' shot the people
Like Barrack hit the block, leting off the eagle.
I even had that white boy, Ben Stiller
Chinese mix, Call her Chinchilla.
Quit to drop this shit niggers this digging dillion,
And rack city don't face me, put the king cage.
Swear to God I never needed a rap manual,
All I needed was Mary Jane and some Jack Daniels.
On my momma, I always been a rap vandalist,
Smack a wack nigger to the death with an axe handle.
Oh, why you sitting around alley yagen,
I'm rolling tryna get the bag, put the ballin' shagy,
Man, these niggers out here hardly rapping.
How come to impress the mic, give to God the fashion.
So, necessarily that you respect the don,
Especially if he's on another echelon.
I come through with nothing but the fresher songs
Where wasn't in this track like I catch a song
Now the avenue never cut us on
You niggers is cosmetic it's Revlon.
I was a broke kid, I never had a Megatron,
I stole it from the rich kids,
That's why we couldn't get along.

(Talking break)

West coast originator, never been an imitator
Full blown acetone, microphone dis integrator
Uhm, I get ignorant in the midst of danger
Inventive considered the innovator.
Where I'm from, we don't school or chop shit
They come through wearing red and blue while we pop clips.
Uhm, and I get higher than a cock pit
Let the chop' spit hollow tips out his top lit.
This is the sound of an underground renegade
Who wears a crown and he's down to get any fame.
Brown, you ain't balling go get a bigger chain
Smooth criminal, hit a nigger through his window pain.
And I was put here, to put fear and sous niggers
Nobody shook here, we don't give a fuck niggers
Yeah, drug dealers, slot pillars,
Mention it to my mob nigger, Fuck twitter.

Gang bang it's tut niggers nurse to the kids
All respect the way I put these words to the beat.

In other words, he's a beast,
Every verse he completes
Bad bitches, actresses, even birds give him beats.
And the music that make help the kids in the ghetto grow,
Fighting for they freedom so they stay off the federal.
Uhm, the names and...somebody let them know
It's the perpetual flow, so I'll forever glow.
Fashawn on these niggers straight about the FC
Catch them with the baddest bitch, burning up the best trees.
Or prolly on some jet skis, I hustle collect G's
Last time you seen a check, was on your SP's
Yeah, respect over everything
Murs & Fashawn,
Bet you never seen a better team.

(Beats Outro)