song by Death Dealer
Gunslinger lyrics

[Guitars intro]

I am the best at drifting town to town
I live for right to hell when the sun goes down
Some copy me, but I'm known by many names
From darkness we rise up, they don't know hell
Don't cross my path, don't face my wrath and the unknown
Won't you just risk it all ???
Death seems to follow me no matter where I ride
What's in my head, I ride with the gun by my side
??? on my sleeve,
Don't challenge me, I'm number one
I'm a god down in discreet
That's why they call me GUNSLINGER
Show sinner, death killer
Reach for the sky and dive in slinger
We're the reaper, or the keeper of the hell
Hang up high
Hang up high

[Only a Preview]