Dawn Richard & Spencer Zahn - Breath Out

Breath Out by Dawn Richard & Spencer Zahn Song lyrics | Music video

Breath Out it's track no. 9 on the upcoming album, "Quiet in a World Full of Noise" - out October 4, 2024. "Breath Out' single was produced by Spencer Zahn and written by Dawn Richard. It also features the Budapest Film Orchestra.

"Breath Out' Song Lyrics are added here.

All the drama was worth it
All the tears aiming for perfect
And every note is intention with a purpose
So I'm thanking you because you noticed
'Cause we are connected
It's curtain call
Start round applause
Time to let go now
You can breathe out
It's in us in the way we move and our breath
This kind of power feel like a heavy threat
I call that a problem
That don't need solving
You can breathe out
You can breathe out
A reservation don't mean you seat can be taken
To you, it's dream, but to others it's a vacation
That's a problem that needs solving
You can breathe out
You made it out