Ziemba - Fear

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What am I hiding from?
Something in my nature?
I don't know

I want to disappear
The day's stale air
And feel the world of feelings
But I don't know how to hold
What's the point of writing this stuff anyway?
To falsify control?
That I can change?
Only I'm to blame
Or something in my nature
That I can't escape

Another set of sad days and bad days
Why is time so cruel?
The minute that you take out a lifeline
Beauty with the beer
Been afraid to write about fear

Tides are turning, sun comes up
Another day more bridges burning
In the city there's a feeling
Change is coming, change is coming
In the morning
I give myself pep talks
To make a chance for change
The name change, came and went
Time kept on going by

Sometimes the only way
I can deal is by telling myself
That I don't care
Someday I'll be better
Watch someone tell me
Everything's OK.