song by ZHU
Paradise Awaits Part 2 lyrics

feat. Goldlink

I'm born with the mighty sin
Walking around just talking my shit
I'm born with the mighty sin
Talk you 'bout the naked women in my bed!

I'm seeing pussy, I didn't know it
I've never shown no fear, I've never showed another nigga
I never trust 'em
and if I'm shown a nigga, I never bust 'em
I don't fuck with any rapper, and then I'm coming up with you
You told your girls that I'm sexy when I really wasn't
You told me that you really loved me, but you really lost it
And then your ex came along, then the anger in my song
Then I want to fuck you till your brains turns out
Real life, real eyes, real lies
No lights when I lick them thighs
No strings, no roast, no ties
Only times when I lay you down I beat it like it's lies
Paradise is what you live it your ways
When you think of it, I'll take you to your place
Yeah, you nasty so we do it in the dark
Then you turn off your phone, with the lighter you show me the right way
I wanna be your lover, 
Don't wanna be your friend
Girl let's explore each other
Don't want the fling to end
I'ma do it again and again, and again
Make sure you go and tell your friends
And you're grabbing me, you turn me on my back
And you kiss me on my lips and you tell me that you're high

Girl, you got me in your eye
Run that strip across your mind
Seconds that can cross them others
Don't believe that we are lovers, baby
I think it's time that we write each other's lines
You can scream my paradise until we cross the finish line
I feel, we can do it one more time
I need, you too can be one more side
You want, to be my love
To be my lover, to be my queen

I have seen your face
Kiss me in my dreams
Tell me I'm awake,
Baby you won't run away
Baby you won't run away
Baby you won't run away

Uh, that dress so scandalous
And you know another could handle this
Shaking that thing like who's the bitch
With a look in your eyes so devilish
You like to dance to the hip hop spots
And you cruise to the cruise like ???
Just whatever she likes to pop
She livin' la vida loca!