Ravenna Woods

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Ravenna Woods released on November 12th a follow-up to their 2010 debut LP 'Demons and Lakes' and 2011 EP 'Valley of the Headless Men', a LP titled 'The Jackals' which includes a number of 14 new songs. The song provides a look at Ravenna Woods at its best. The insistent, frenetic drums are there, as are the clean guitar lines, emotive yelps and dark, reverb-laden lyrics. When Cunningham sings, "They dig up everything/they always find out in the end/they've got your job, friends, lovers all calling you out", it's a warning that things might not end well. Ravenna Woods 'The Jackals' tracklisting: 01. Eidetic 02. Live Alone 03. All Us Liars 04. Outerworlds 05. Border Animals 06. Gone in a week 07. The Jackals 08. Dark 09. Brother 10. You missed it burn 11. Kenya 12. Nightrunners 13. Voices 14. Centralia