song by NOVA
Off this lyrics

Girl I been hearing all around of your love
I been tryina look for you I'm just watching
I'm just acting, I been watching
I just see you when I'm off then, girl
Yeah I want you girl, girl
Girl I want this, I'm sipping something that's toxic
I need you now when I lost it
More than ever I'm off this
I'm off this girl, I'm off this
Can I say something? I want this

I been taking drugs without my baby, yeah
Making love to other bitches not my baby, yeah
I been getting all my wishes without baby
The thing that makes me sick is now she hates me

I used to drive all around your block girl
I'm on this girl, I got beyond this girl
You got me popping girl
You thinking toxic girl, of this girl
Yeah I'm off this girl
You just can't remove me
Every time I'm coming back to you
Yeah, yeah, you do to me
You ain't teaching no lesson
No suggestion could help me figure out
I should leave you alone
And I should give you no attention