song by North Elements feat. Melman
Coastline lyrics

[Armada music]

Ocean views and winding roads,
I think I call this place my home
I found a place where nothing's own
It never rains, and it's never cold

The sun is beating on my skin
My troubles drift into the wind
Of all the places I have been
You're so like anything I've ever seen

Driving round the coastline
It feels like summertime
Is it driving you like
Finding better times

I'm not sure where I'll end up though
But I don't give, for this is know
It's better than we've ever been before
Oh, oh

I'm not okay, I know I'm not
It's hard to think what this costed
It's in my head, it's in my heart
It's slowly tearing my life apart

I left my house, I left my home
I left it all to go on
I want it back, I drive all night
Until I see the morning light