song by Nolan Garrett
Ingenuine lyrics

Riding away my days
Now I can't say anything else, oh, anything else
Waiting for my parade
How do I measure my world? oh, measure my world?
Our time keeps [??]
And say that it is still pretend
For nothing I do is the end
Why is it so ingenuine? Ingenuine?

How did I end up here?
I thought I would be anywhere else, oh, anywhere else
And you blend into the years
It's what I've been telling myself, oh, telling myself
I don't mind being so far away
I watch mice move, don't hear them say
Get away while you can, honesty is just a plan
That I'd see more if I may
That it help me understand
Our time keeps running out
And I, I, I can't see that there's more than it meant
To all that I want to begin
Why is it so ingenuine? Ingenuine? Ingenuine?
And I do, I lie
There's nothing to know or deny
Respect it's all that's divine
So I'm bout done watching my time
So I could buy my time.