NIKO IS - Carmen feat. Talib Kweli

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I was conceived by an angel with a halo made of gold
Got the beast by thanks Chowie then I tailored made a cloth
Now I say the greatest phrases that could raise a blade to throat
Visit the strangest places in a space ship that's space shipped
See the greatest is my alias, maybe it's just my froll
Famous a vain bitch I see you naked for the door
Hating on a girl of the craziest
Packing stadiums in the back like daisies
Mama made this spontaneous
Stimulating the labius, in the latest in my radius
It's harder to digest my mover got bad pancreas
Mama made me lioness was playing Julio Iglesias
Acting like she don't see nothing
Jamie Foxx, Van Backer, and that goes like phantasmal
Mothers of adventure and that's what a friend zap her
Jam backer, stuck in my way like Anne Hector
This game is chess, I'm moving like a grand master
Bobby visual entertain, look, check mate
I spit a 60 like a chess game
Yes mane, paws try to move me, I got paws on my sushi
I'm the falls of sucuni, James Bond in the movie!

Hey mi corason simto, feel my heart beat
I got a heart of darkness, they hunting for that dark meat
Running like an athlete, black feet
Bare against the concrete
Cooling palm trees in the count breeze
You see the future in my rhymes like they palm leaves
They might consider my heart not a side piece
Like palm feet, it's part of me
We go back like we some car seat
Green party like I'm speaking of Garvi, the far see
Now rock to the beat like a kid with add when you rocking the seat
I never talk in riddles, I'm like riddler when I rock you to sleep
They shot in the street just like photography
Whether my pockets are deep enough I just know my ???
It's just a market of beat
I'm known for dropping the heat in a market of meat
Yeah, like fuck what you think the project needing
And they musically starving and I got them eating
They got them breathing, they got them beasting
You see the odds are stacks against us now I got them even
I give them something to believe in when I spit it
Life is a bitch that ain't gender specific, let's get analytic
Said love is up on lyrical technology
But we ain't working fuck so why they working properly

My father was a pimp, iceberg slim
Ever since I was a boy, I wanted to be just like him
Addicted to chasing scene, living to making friends
Trippin' on my condition, while sippin' in Layton gin
Roll like Chicago wind, every time that I go in
If you want to swim with sharks
You have to hang on to my feet
Had to ride a raft, well that I got velvet skin
I'm tired of waiting mama, my patience is getting thin
Cutting the family tree, tryina keep it g for my kid
Kicking it to the pain, I got a permanent grim
Writing songs about bitches, not bitches are Halloween
Passing hard time with no more rise, bringing them dollars in
Since you gave me ask 2 pence
But tru that, you gave me scram
Talk some sense into me, now I make sense on the beat
And it make sense on my pockets
So don't be sensitive mama
Mama, you see no dents in my armor!