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Called "Rock and Roll You Won't Save Me Tour", the band's tour kicks off February 28 in Seattle and concludes March 30 in New York City. Bully will also be on the bill.

A sonic adventure of a lifetime with Grouplove is just ahead, and the band just unveiled the much-anticipated details of their 2024 Rock Tour, aptly named the "Rock and Roll You Won't Save Me Tour." This musical journey promises to be nothing short of extraordinary, featuring a lineup of songs that will resonate with both longtime fans and newcomers alike.


The tour is about to kick off, so grab your tickets pronto to ensure you don't miss out on the magic. Plus, for the first time ever, Grouplove is offering VIP packages, including exclusive pre-party access, an acoustic set, a limited edition zine, and more. Act fast – VIP options are still up for grabs in select markets, along with the chance for VIP upgrades.


Excitement is building as Grouplove looks forward to rocking out with fans and even taking song requests. They might just add your favorites to the setlist!


And that's not all – Grouplove will be showcasing tracks from their latest album, "I Want It All Right Now," released this July. Currently, they're on tour, sharing the stage with Pink. Stay tuned for a night of pure musical bliss as Grouplove brings their infectious energy to a city near you.



For the complete tour schedule and ticket details, head over to GrouploveMusic.com.