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Album : 24:00 [2015]

Album : 24:00 [2015] album cover

24:00 is Neon Hitch's newest record which includes a number of 6 tracks, as it follows:
01. Back Against the Wall
02. Get Me High
03. London bitch
04. Lost at Sea
05. On The Run
06. Wake Me When It's Over
It is Neon's second mixtape of her career and was uploaded in its entirety on the singer's official SoundCloud page on March 2nd.

1. Back Against the Wall lyrics
2. Get Me High lyrics
3. London bitch lyrics
4. Lost at Sea lyrics
5. On The Run lyrics
6. Wake Me When It's Over lyrics

Album : Eleutheromaniac [2015]

Album : Eleutheromaniac [2015] album cover

Eleutheromaniac arrives in 2015, all the song recorded for the album were as follows:
01. London feat. Jon Bellion
02. Where's Ya Mama
03. Freedom
04. Sparks
05. Wall Street
06. Eleutheromaniac feat. Bash)
07. Yard Sale
08. Freebird
09. Air Streams
10. Fresh Out Box
11. Like Fruit
12. Salt & Honey
13. No Angels
14. Walk

1. Eleutheromaniac lyrics
2. Freedom lyrics
3. London lyrics
4. SPARKS lyrics
5. Wall Street lyrics
6. Where's Ya Mama lyrics

Album : 301 to Paradise [2014]

Album : 301 to Paradise [2014] album cover

The British songstress Neon Hitch has delivered her brand new album '301 to Paradise' for free download. Described by herself with some gypsy style, the EP contains 6 tracks including a cover of Miley Cyrus' super hit "We Can't Stop".
"It's kind of like an audio movie," Hitch shared. "It's very inspired by Marilyn Monroe. And it's a mixture of my travels, my story, and Marilyn's story. It's partially fictional, but it's based on a true story. It's very gypsified" she also told. Check out the tracklisting below and grab the lyrics below.
'301 to Paradise' tracklisting:

01. Intro
02. Gypsy Star
03. We Can't Stop
04. Red Lights
05. Some Like It Hot (feat Kinetics)
06. Subtitles (feat Kinetics)

1. Gypsy Star lyrics
2. Red Lights lyrics
3. Subtitles ft. Kinetics lyrics
4. We Can't Stop lyrics