Natural Child - B$G P$MP$N

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Never thought that I'd have a bad ass bitch!
Never thought that I'd wanna be bold and rich!
Have enough money just to stay out time,
Busting on my pockets, but they never stop.
I could make a rain, make a thunder too
Everywhere I go!

Never thought at London while out at night,
Drop twenty grans, sing my name on ice
You know who I am, you don't have to ask!
I don't love you, baby
I just love that ass.

I could make your fantasy of one man or two,
Take a ride with me, I'm storm.
(Hey, what you're doing over there, baby?
I just worry about your own film )

Yeah, I know me, I'm just having fun
Just singed up just to shot my gun.
Everybody wanna sip and shot my gun,
But I'ma hop 'til I wanna come,
World keeps spinning underneath the sun.
And I'm still spit and stone.