Nate Good - Birds Chip

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Okay, okay, okay
All we got is time we seen enough of it
Too much shit on my bucket list
Stuck in a cloud of smoke suckers always damning
I'm loving it
Life gets too black and white
In that moment we ran its color, fuck it
I might have poppin' it, and patience bubbling up
What to happen to addiction to follow it by tradition
Traditionally I'm fixing to fix me a couple of drinks
When itching is said be tempted
And light it up and get lifted
The difference between you bitches and me
Is I'm off attacking
Sinking into simplicity, conversation is killing me
Feeling me all you nothing, when really no getting rid of me
Springles can stack it better than most of the odds against me
'Cause spend the world on a pinky fall down the stairs like it's slinky
When she was out chilling at the holiday inn
Who ever thought that I'd be rapping this shit?
I'm fully back in effect, the shit is classic
Like I'm call and collect
Correcting everyone who doubted the set
That's reflect, so many times I thought I slipped through the cracks
'Cause my teachers all love my ass like I sat on some tacs
All that gress, off to the college track and never look back
None is stressing about the future, never helps you relax
Not a famous last words when you're chasing your dreams
Feel like I've been dropping hooks though like the fucking Karim
I'm rocking Nike's Supremes, I wear some champion sweats
I find the simple things in life at times are really complex
I draw a line in the dirt, I bring my heart to the surface
It's where my team is out lurking, I find my purpose is certain
My hands are shaking I'm nervous
I swear this town it's a burden
But I emerge from the curtain and all the birds get to chirpin'
The imperfection is perfect
Getting charged like a circuit
My rhyme's a trip to the circus
She's warming up like a furnace
Miami Heat and the Dermits
But this is magic, I'm marvin'
See every moment is worth it
Don't let the future concern you

Killing 2 birds throwing one stone
The future here is unknown
I'm about to follow where the sun goes
Till I need a reason I should come home
Come home, come home