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Album : Blackest Blue (2021) [2021]

Album : Blackest Blue (2021) [2021] album cover

Some amazing music is arriving this spring from Skye Edwards and her band, Morcheeba. A new studio album titled 'Blackest Blue' is already set for release on May 14th.

Here's the 'Blackest Blue' tracklist:
01. Cut My Heart Out
02. Killed Our Love
03. Sounds Of Blue
04. Say It's Over
05. Sulphur Soul
06. Oh Oh Yeah
07. Namaste
08. The Moon
09. Falling Skies
10. The Edge Of The World

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3. Killed Our Love lyrics
4. Namaste lyrics
5. Oh Oh Yeah lyrics
6. Say it's over lyrics
7. Sulphur Soul lyrics
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