Molly Nilsson - Pompeii

Pompeii by Molly Nilsson Song lyrics | Music video

Dead town
Was already empty but now it's locking down
But you and I can still go ride around
We'll ride that ring like it's just been found

How are you gonna spend your lonely night?
How are you gonna spend your only life?
When I'm in your embrace
I can hardly describe how much I love that place

I wish we could stay, forever this way
Just like Pompeii

That fateful sun is just going down
Just like the disaster before we're drowned
Did they feel this way that night in Pompeii?

The deepest desire I can't explain
If it wasn't for love thеn it's all in vain
Did they feel this way that night in Pompeii?

When you finally say you'rе gonna set me free
I know I can't give you what you need

I've been chasing that sunset my whole life
I know I never make it there in time
But sometimes you just gotta try
I'd say I love you but I catch my breath
Cause whatever I love I always love to death

Can't believe that when we said goodbye
We were saving all our money for the afterlife
We said our Love you's just the other night
But now you're saving all your loving for your future wife

(Come on, bello!)

Like the love in your eyes right before love dies
I believe in signs, are you reading mine?
That's when I realise, we're immortalised