song by Modest Mouse
I'm Still Here lyrics

So you went to make a call well they musta hung up
'Cause I see you're talking to him right there
Oh, I knew I was a little messed up
But i guess it's much worse than I feared

I'm still here,
I'm still here,
I am still here

Your friends are all rollin' their eyes and you're laughing
Well, yeah, I know what's what
I love a jokes like anybody
But I don't like being the butt

I'm right here,
I'm still here,
I am still right here

Your eyes are darting around
And you're looking right past me for something else that's near
Well you must have powdered your nose just a little too much
'Cause I'm still here

I know that you told me you were a little bit drunk
But I think it's much worse than you feared
Well you're making me feel like a dog catcher
But hell, you invited me here!

Why am I here?
Why am I here?
Why am I here.