song by Modern Medicine
Holy Roller lyrics

Here late in my Brooklyn queen
Tell all visions, this thing's just not what they've seen
When you've got no expectation
It's going to get here any lower than mine
I know they can

Holy roller, sleep divine
Brain call Jesus at the same time every night
If you want, lead by excuses
Or how examples behind your eyes
There's someone in his eyes

God damn the man who couldn't chase the ways
It loves me
A breaking spell on the bell, who wants to try
Because you are my never patient, really come
To the walked away without that thumb
And in the back of the mind
Know you are ever rest assured
That I will slip into your mind
Can't beat, she doesn't have the time

God damn the man that carry James all the way
She loves me
Until anyone should stop to make a dive
A diamond for who

I'm walking home
And the only thing on my mind
Is the fire I'll try to find
When I put down my cigarette
When I'll finally hold on
To mirrors all I see
Just know that everything I hear
Comes from, it comes from me
And when I finally down
One time ??? as they dream
Just know that I'm thankful
For all of the ways that I've found this
Never be
And when I wake up to the new so see
Yours is close to feeling, yours falls
It will never be, it will never be
Can't be, she doesn't have the time
Break the spell the only sense to try