song by Mobb Deep
The Outcome lyrics

New York blaze to city streets,
We don't sleep, we don't eat
Whole team on the same shit, that's me
HAV I'm on the place to be
Young people, tell me what you see?
Violated motherfuckers
Niggers, yeah you know
I'm in the business, keep my ducks on the row
Won't catch me
Fuck all the snoop dogs, that's for old niggers
We talking about big money, yeah dem big figures
Filling any kind
Yeah, we steal nigger
Before you do it, eat your last meal nigger
'Cause it's gon' be your last meal, that's real nigger
Half the team, I have them on the bill nigger
For this the deal nigger
Fuck what you heard my mind is on money,
Many may crack a smile, but they ain't funny
Quarter in the mix with the hands to get money
Kill some, but you ain't take a dime from me
The outcome turn now lovely,
You're the one with problem,
It's not for you homie!