song by Missy Elliott
9th Inning lyrics

Feat Timbaland

Yeah, yeah!
Now I'm in the 9th inning,
Though I fell off, ain't quite finished.
Yeah, I'm 'bout to put my foot in it.
Talk with it, walk with it, I'm not gimmick.
2012 there will be no games
Real rap, real morse, not playing.
Haters, y'all miss a thang
I'ma beast in a boost,
I'm just saying yeah
I'll make you wanna get low,
Duck with it, buck with it
Let's go!
Everytime I spin around it's a sick flow,
You newcomers better sit back and stay low
Yeah, this here my time
Yeah, I've come better run, take what's mine.
Bite the dead off like a tick line
This round gon' push 'em rewind
Yeah, I'm so hot
Up on the charts, number one spot.
See me when I drop, and I won't flop
This will never stop. Got the music game on
Wanna get served?! you third, you second
But I come first.
Flip my verses, like I flip purse
I'm fine! yes sir.

Hit-maker, Hit-breaker, party-shaker, innovator
Ground-breaker, show-creator, we be the most and disobey it
Party-shaker, Ground-breaker, soul-creator,