MGMT - Mystery Disease

Mystery Disease by MGMT Song lyrics

Take your attention
What's it take to the system
Don't touch the lips
Baby, please, show this
Don't slip your body to the mystery disease
All I have is this feeling
Pain just to feel
Lost ?? you know I'm afraid to let it slip
She's bored of the mystery disease.

Don't go to the past, darling
You just stay close to my mind
And that's good, sip like the end of June
Fall back into the mystery disease
Go on, tell your secrets to me
It's not ?? got them rushed to me
Don't worry to face what you don't need to be
That's one more to the mystery disease.

Floating in patience
Sounds like fun to sip black smoke
As soon as the pressure's released
Lose their sight to the mystery disease
?? by your honesty, caught with the passion of ??
Stop, sunsets bleed in the street
Tell me what you want, waste what you need
And when your lips dry as sweets turn to leaves
That's the place you thought you'd leave
Smoke parts in the ??
Wrapped in the dust of the mystery disease.