song by Merival
A better deal lyrics

If I go, would you follow? Would you leave?
Run through woods, to the forest and the trees,
And the snow.
I-I-I-I could never reason where do we fit each piece?
Every puzzle that it seems to fall into pieces
Exactly in the way you wanted to

To tell you where I'm going wouldn't get me far
'Cause that's the way the things usually are this time of year
In a little while you can see me, and I'll feel better than
Keep my fingers crossed, and we better deal
And something sure ?? where I have been this week
One down the line
Tearing up doughs and cracking up the bones
For something that is mine already

Four times round and I carry by the pound every word
And I sleep in the sunshine ???
Can you tell me is it true?
Have you heard that you can get lost in a place you know?
Like the back of your palm, while the sirens call
In the front of your mind
Do you ever un-wined?
There's a call for sure
Sink or swim for I have been the sweet one down the line
Holding out and half past out that sometime you'll be mine