song by MDNT
Dreamcatcher lyrics

feat. Jez Dior

Are you a part of me?
Broke glass and ocean sand
Lone lover

Hunger, water wash me away
Burning hallways filled with mistakes
Drown in love, lucid dreams
The way you look at me
I was blind but now I see
You know that ghosts don't sleep

Then we'll fly, we'll fly
We'll fly, we'll fly

Yo, The Perks of Being a Wallflower
They write about us now
We hardly show our face, and just the right amount
'Cause we don't fuck with crowds
And we don't fuck aloud
So give me silence

Yo, I fucking told 'em that I'm not a rapper
'Cause mostly the one's that say they are, are just some sort of actors
I'm too indie for rap, but I'm too rap for indie
So I don't have a team, I just wait on people to pick me
I put too much in myself and it is to be compared
And tell your parents yeah, I got tattoos and I bleach my hair
So stop staring, 'cause my momma doesn't
I'm wondering why I'm under the weather,
Because I'm fucking on top of my shit
Man, I'm too awesome to quit
I stay coughing up a lung sleep in a coffin and shit
It's like all we ever needed was bourbon and twelve hours
I'm swerving, I'm not the person you wanted but pick your battles

We'll fly, we'll fly
We'll fly, we'll fly