Machine Gun Kelly - Therapy

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Ey, tell 'em I'ma need a minute
Damn, my head's fucked up, I'd be thinking jail when in line
I hear them saying I'd be need a sentence
I'd be in the bluff- zone dimes
They said they just need a couple lines
and all the years on the roads got me thinking blow
Even though they need some blows like jail time
See, there I go
Somebody take this drink from me,
I love my bitches all,
Please God, don't let them take any pink from me
And since you a fill-up for the ???
Sorry, I had to get my head straight,
One of the homies back home called it fair case
And how am I supposed to feel when I'm in Hollywood
Tryina get a couple mil' ?
And I just got to call, and my dawg got killed
Then maybe it wouldn't happen if I wouldn't been out here
But is still, even back when I had a job
But still when it was back on the block ???
I t was blood getting spilled
Now, I didn't invent the wheel mother-cker
This is how I deal, why I live mother-cker
Just in case they run up in the crib, motherf-cker got tears
What the fuck you think you know about me?
Got a question, and I ain't even wanna talk to you
Ask them, they're the ones that grew up problem
Kept 100 percent same crew, till the end came

Ey, I'ma need about an hour
And a first class ticket, wait, make that a jet
And a champagne shower, oh, I ain't rich yet
Fuck it up, I can make a dollar in a dream
Work, I was on a cover, had a double wax cell
Oh, I ain't taking 'bout the big T
Show, lace up,
I've been the wrong round circles,
Free the tree zones like a motherf-cker pound
Flipping up the hours to the motherf-cking crowd,
Know I'm talking ‘bout!
Yes, sir, everybody better pay respect you sir
I'd be in lane with the steel takes ???
Bitch, up on the East side, East side
Watch first forty-eight
I owe nobody just know I rap rap old ancient
Get it? Fuck it if you don't
I'm just being like I used to do
All these rappers I would never mention
How stupid you to think I would give you my attention
You are nothing more than a peasant
And I am a fucking legend,
Can you feel that?!