IDAHO - On Fire

On Fire by IDAHO Song lyrics

Single from 2024 album called "Lapse" - due on May 31 via Arts & Crafts.

Save me again
The only way
There is no end
To the building of

The 6th street bridge and its songs
That float around
Longing to be heard
Still waiting to be found

Out come on it's not
So terrible
When you keep driving
Nowhere no plan

Check it out there's nothing to
Lose yourself inside your head
Break some records break a sweat
Before you're fuckin dead

Oh is it true?
Loo late too far
Away to hold
You in my sights

Swinging wildly
I will eventually
Land a punch I will
Not lose the thrill

Of joining you
Somewhere that's old
Dark, musty and
On fire.

IDAHO music video “On Fire”: