song by Faime
Night sky lyrics

Look up at the night sky
I see a star leave it all behind,
But on the bright side
It left a couple of wishes for you,
and one for me
I wish I could keep this moment forever,
Oh, it's just you & me and the night sky

Oh, the night sky.
Oh, the night sky.

Underneath the moonlight,
A couple hearts filled with drunken desire to try
And see themselves together as one
Till the death pulls them apart
They will always have each other.
But until what's next don't look too far

Beyond the night sky
Beyond the night sky

And time will slip away,
But until that day, I will call you mine
And memories will fade
But we know on that day we'll be shinning bright
In the night sky
In the night sky
In the night sky
In the night sky