song by Dylan Brady
When It's Cold lyrics

feat. Don McLennon, Lewis Grant & Saputo

I'm tryina feel every part of you
I want to know everything about you
Just make me feel like you really want me
You can lie to me if that's easier
Anything you want to do is fine with me
Waiting for your touch so patiently

When it's cold, can you still hear me
I know when it's cold, I feel you near me

It's like the world sending me signals
But I only hear the whispers
Tryina paint the picture for the future
But I think I turned it into a slip sure
Flowing through the world like a drifter
Mind always in a twister
Sometimes hear the genius when it flickers
Tryina pull the trigger but it's still no safety
Living like I'm crazy but I've been thinking so sanely
The method and message are there
So the process is perfect, the product amazing
I show no remorse for how I've been behaving
The way you receive me your interpretation
I never appraise to your statements
‘Cause we out here naked, a stay in the future
Is for by in taming
I'm hitting the pavement and fall into pieces
So tell me where the lies go
So I can break away from the psycho
Type of shits to make a mortal man go psycho
And if you break I ain't here fin to be spiteful
Stuck in idle, no bullets in the rifle
Images is frightful, my spot so the tribal
My mind is an aisle, your soul is an aisle
Inside of the shrine I created, and now I'm the disciple
We don't need a title to know that this feeling's the greatest
I feel so delightful, we read the story as we make it
Let me know where you want to flip the pages

When it's cold, can you still hear me
I know when it's cold, I feel you near me
When I feel numb
You should tell me what it's worth
I came to see you
Through your shirt
There's a limit to what I can handle
I might have pushed it, I'm not used to it
You can tell on my face I could curse this place
I could curse you too
If I wasn't so in love with you
Falling down deeper with no end in sight
Calling for the people thorough through the night
Too late, messing with the problem but it's too late
I can feel it dropping like a mixtape
Tell me again why we need to wait
I don't know, I don't know, I don't know