song by Dusty McFly
Dey Frontin lyrics

I done cut white shit and shipped out green pearls
Burned down ??
Might of seen in my mansion, they bow in your town
But now it's this rap shit, I had to switch up hustles
All a nigga wanna do is make it out of this rubble
To my niggas getting money, dog, just know that I love you
Tryna get us out this hood so I'm doing this for you
To the niggas *** niggas, it's fuck you
Don't let one of my goons catch you out 'cause it's trouble
They ain't gonna rush you, nigga, they ain't gonna touch you
Till they coming niggas on, so they gonna bust you
And I get love, fool, east or west flee's a vet
Nigga still ask who up next, TAKE A GUESS
In the pearly white Mac strapped on my lap
Made a living serving niggas that pack and that's a fact
Used to shoot to the ?? to get 'em all back
Might have lost a couple so I ain't cutting no slack
Or maybe I ain't owe you so I hit you with a text
But I took all of the risk so I need ALL OF MY RACKS
So smooth, please, this shit ??
Don't know another nigga that's my age this cold, dude, and froze, too
This much dough and hoes, too
Make a classy hoe, the nasty bro like kung fu
Real shit and too many niggas I deal with
Only fucking with my DAY ONE NIGGAS I built with
Live with, ate dinner and split up the bill with
Sometimes it's the closest niggas to you the ones that kill quick
So I watch niggas, watch out how ??
Made pros from the rock but I'm not jigga
Time is money and you niggas late so I'm docking, nigga
And they still hating but fuck it, I'm still making five bands for a show
How the fuck are you niggas playing
They say please, they getting money, fuck is y'all niggas saying
Hottest nigga in the city, why the fuck is we debating
Me, scum, fuck with flees, you eat scum ?? on top of the week, son
We on top, you know how it is, where are we from
Niggas say they getting money but we know they fronting
We know they fronting, we know they fronting