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Album : Give it all up [-]

Album : Give it all up [-] album cover

Album : Paper Gods [2015]

Album : Paper Gods [2015] album cover

Track listing as it follows:
01. Paper Gods feat. Mr Hudson
02. Last Night in the City feat. Kiesza
03. You Kill Me with Silence
04. Pressure Off feat. Janelle MonĂ¡e and Nile Rodgers
05. Face for Today
06. Danceophobia feat. Lindsay Lohan)
07. What Are the Chances? feat. John Frusciante
08. Sunset Garage
09. Change the Skyline feat. Jonas Bjerre
10. Butterfly Girl feat. John Frusciante
11. Only in Dreams
12. The Universe Alone feat. John Frusciante

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