song by Dream Mclean
Bastard lyrics

You know what?
I just woke up in a come with a boner
I think that last Corona made me sober
Maybe I just died, maybe I'm just high
'cause I just turned my main bitch to my lady on the side
I'm a couple cake short, over slacks you thought you could try
You thought I wasn't naughty but knives
You gonna have the lord on your side
But I swear more than one of you squares
You'll die, like the plow for dice
She was into stuff, I got her to pick me up
Now I'm playing Fifa, while I am getting my willy sucked
Just conceded to go, but I don't give a fuck
'Cause I'm getting my willy sucked

I'm going for help, I'm going I know so
But before I go, I wanna go to the mobos
Roll out the black carpet
'Cause I'm a fucking mixed race, black BASTARD

John Terry agrees, I tell a blonde girl on your knees
Baby show me how you raps more fun
She asked how you doing
I replied your mum
She was like awesome
I was like you're dumb, ah

And it don't make any sense
But nor does the fracture broads
Living on my balls and she don't pay any rent
Don't be taking offense, to what I'm taking again
What I'm saying again, fuck it

Couple bad bitches, both trying to suck mine
At the same time got a nigga feeling tongue tied
If like sucks, let it suck nice
Both double d's, two girls, one cop size
This could get political shortly
Body in my pants and it isn't the tories
I told her you got 5 second to leave
1, 2 ,3 4, 5, get on your knees
She says she ain't sucking me
I wonder if T baggins a cup of tea
Motherfucker, straight from the gutter
Plus I only love her if she makes me a copper
I only love her if her face says she's coming
You had 3 whole minutes, you could have faked it or something
Or summit, oh well, the world's still spinning
As long as your wallet is still fat and the girls still fell me
Yeah, yeah, I guess I really am a fucking BASTARD