song by Dr. Dre
Naked lyrics

feat. Marsha Ambrosius, Sly Piper

Red bottoms on a red head
Fake molly, fake body
We get it poppin' when she at her best
'Cause there's a party when she bout it
Shots droppin' now she out the dress
And girls coming out the closet
A superstar and some private shit
Make a promise not to tell nobody

If she hot enough to get it, well get it girl
You know what it is, I don't get offended girl
Come and kick it with a player, enjoy your world
You better open up, let me get it and join your world
Like the ceiling re-deal it, before I kill you
You try to go tell the city
I love it but now I didn't
No I didn't, you come to ???
And wonder what he was feeling
A number that's not existent
My phone and I overlooked her
Her friends were looking me over
And I ain't got time for nothing
But you look ???

Naked, she gonna get with an awful man like me
I bet if she could she would make it nightly
You know what she do when she bring around me
She like to get naked
She don't have to worry bout shit for one night
All because we know we only get one left
Probably ‘cause her mama don't know what she like