song by Dopehead
Bout It Bout It Part 3 ft. Danny Brown lyrics

Catch a nigga slipping with a motherfucker
Slipping with a motherfucker, slipping with a motherfucker
Catch a nigga drunk at his baby shower
With his baby momma in a boat full of Jager
Fuck these brothers, they don't want no problems
Fuck these niggas, they don't want no trouble
These niggas sorry, these niggas mad ‘cause I'm fucking their bitches
That chopper sound like thunder, I been grinding all summer
This is for my hustlers, that's a motherfucker jumper
Riding with my niggas, getting cooky for my casket
‘Cause now we dunking in that pussy, smashing dick, now that's some hustling
The youth, they call me senile, they know that I can see now
FUCK THEIR BITCHES in the meanwhile, she give me head, I burst a freestyle
Haters try to bring me down but that chopper just won't get it
In your face did ride for two, when I catch him I'mma stretch him
ALL MY NIGGAS TRUTH, all my bitches power
All my niggas drimlets, killers, all my niggas guap
All your bitches breaking, all my bitches excited
UPS forever, every time you think about it
When I'm bout that jolly with a baseball bat
Got the mustard and the mayo when I oldschool that
So what, nigga, don't quiver like that
Hit your motherfucker back push your brothers on their back
NEVER EVER LIKED, nigga should've knows to hate
Nigga got first blow 'fore the tape
Pour another 8, try to deuce in the 20 O's
Got a stick in my hand in your baby momma house
Nigga when I talk about try to coincide, scope on your wife, try to coincide
Same men inside, smoking outside, ??

BULLETS IN YOUR CHEST like nigga you done
Blow that sucker, blow that ass, silly got money, they don't know how to act
Off your hind, see 100 for the hate, bust it out then I leave the money on the bed
?? if you ain't gonna give it, motherfucker, I'mma take it ??
Picked up the phone, said I had a couple coming ??