song by Delta Spirit
Just the same lyrics

And I think babe to the night we met
We were looking for love, just looking for a friend
And you drove me home with a beer between your legs
You said, you hated your life and you'd like to get away
and I loved you just the same.
It was 4 am and you parked your car
And I had no intentions of taking it too far
And you reached out your hand and I pushed it away
and I didn't know your seat, and I kissed you anyway
and you kissed me back like you had something to prove
but it was a fleeing moment, and it felt so true
and I loved you just the same.

You flew out to see me again
We were gonna be lovers, or just be friends
And I remember walking round Central Park
Couple of glasses of wine before it got dark
It was after dinner that I kissed you again
And I still know now what I knew back then
That I love you just the same.
You escaped to be with me
You were so young, and I was so naive
And the plan was to take our time,
But then everything changed, and we jumped in blind
And I remember these beautiful times,
We were young and in love, and we felt so alive
And I love you just the same.

When you come home drunk, and you barely stand
And I strip your clothes off, and I hold your hand
Then I walk you to bed cuz you could barely see it
And we lie down till you fell asleep
And I love you just the same.
And the hardest part is your broken past,
And it breaks my heart for the shadow it cast
And I'd kill em if I could if you just said the word
No, that wouldn't be enough for the pain and the hurt
And I wonder if there's anything I can do or say
But sometimes what's done cannot be changed
But I love you just the same.