song by Dej Loaf
Bout That feat. Silkk The Shocker lyrics

'Cause this life I live got no limits
Put the pressure on the pussies, let's go swimming
Put the tattoo to his neck, why you're being serious?
All you got was this gang, all this shit serious
I would doubt for my respects, bury me a ??
And put me right next to pope
Or put me next to Death so we can fucking flick
Got a problem nigga? Say what's on your fucking chest
34 bees aiming at your breast
34 more niggas gon' be aiming at the rest
Chopper gold, yeah, speed with this
Walking in the club, I don't speak to a bitch
No, I don't fuck with y'all
You already knew it
Bitches wanna be
So bet I won't do it
Tryina blow up, nah, bitch you blew it
Now off days, better off selling pussy
Nah, you're the killer, it's good looking, good looking
Money got me tired, yeah, nigga, I'm cooking
Type of lunches, cookies
Bout that
Bout that