song by De La Soul
Who lyrics

Don't scandalize mine, I spend too much time
Straight talk, with the catch to etch my line, walk
Fetch you for crime, who goes there?
Well this is squeezing five fingers, Smoky the bear
SHINING BLACK like dark fending caps, they don't stare
While I'm rocking it, I'm rocking it like a little ball inside
Spray cans provide, three pole below y'all, women and men
God bless them all lady streets, swallow all
We go uuh, you got popped like a flick by the rivalry clique
And went uuh, it ain't my fault your ass is on the asked for
Got your chin touched by my fam, don't you go home, you see
We outed out like Master T
Better yet, oh, cooks, y'all just rooks to me
Sliding up and down ports, I don't think you can deal
Why try? They see open sky high
Just loop with Luke Skywalker
My top of the talk, shake shame all over your game, it's light
AFROCENTRIC, loving was the past drug
Our life filled with that's the coastal love
Shoot fast as the drug of your choice, man, it was your voice, man
When I'm swimming through the joint I put the funk on hold
If you don't wanna see the bubbles come up
We run up a tab and gladly add a little extra for miss
Fly faces with big lips for that ass to do
Most crews oppose current while we're forever
DIRECT BEATS, that's contagious
Love for all AGs
Graduated for the U and I varsity, your heart hit us for real
I got people in the street that were blessed
Asked for this beat and go uuh
If you a big girl getting your love between sheets and go uuh
PUT YOUR HANDS UP and sit to the ground
If you're loving the sound and go uuh, uuh, uuh
How do I work this?