song by DARTS
Westward Bound lyrics

I shot a man down in the street
Not stormy baby, now hurry please
Of desperation, waves us in
Oh god help me, out westward bound
They look to me, two men can stand
I've lost my gun, I'm not a man
I'm just a boy, with years intact
I've been on shot, shot in the back

Out on the porch I hear a thug
My place is here, stop kill the bug
They won't come back, so crazy for me
Out in the street, crowd here will be
Know how to sweat, no silent eyes
We're running back, no stone disguise
No mark up left, before I die
I'll fade away, like no decide

I can't go down, down by the sea
No wanderer is yet to be
By standing up, of harmonies
No wanderer is yet to be
I hear the hold ons in the dream
Scattered to dust, right here's a grip
Hear my reprise, so safe it's them
Oh god help me, out westward bound

They'll take me, they'll take me
Don't take me, don't take me