Danny Seth - Perception

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The British are coming
Am I sitting I don't know
Am I sitting I don't know
Rap loud so am I sitting, I don't know
Am I sitting I don't know

When you tryina step to me then I'ma fetch the ladder
See I be coming out the ranks and I ain't talking shobber
Pussy smelling like a petal from a lavender
And if you think you want my page, we on a different capitol
I like the scene, I'm like the rapper swiss
What they came to have on there and tell they knew those bricks
That's why they fucking with my music 'cause it's pure and honest
While these other rappers changing to the trends, I hold topic
Non-stopping, jaw dropping, I'm horse shoppin'
I'm English and I'm fly, I guess I'm Marry Poppins
Take a fly to LBN, I let the labels car pit
See they fighting over me 'cause I'ma make a profit
I know music can ??? I know it all so well
When I tell them kiss my ass, they say they never kiss and tell
Well I've been the greater 7, let me music sell itself
But as far as I'm concerned, I got it wrapped up like a belt
Money smell like creed, bow down for Louie V
So I can spit a simple rap shit, but on my mind that's kinda weak
Danny Seth is who I be, I shine out to loree
Smoking check up in the booth
Shit I gone forgot to be
That's DJ Booth I be the proof that I'm just not for me
And if they hating on me just switch the languages
Say c'est la vie
Voulez vous coucher avec moi for the ree until it's sleep?
Never started from the bottom but no one on top of me
Smoking o's by the g
Boy you're busting while you sleep
When you wake up you could find your mistress lying next to me
I ain't lying when I say I'm bout to save my country
I spit at him a legal shot, I'm moving mountains with my speech, boy
You can't touch me with this rap shit
I only spat 4 years, I got more fire than some match sticks
I want blowing up, that's tons plus I'm tactics
But for now I feel like tinning like a mattress
See I'm making perfection the great assemble
While I see these other white boys try and copy like a mirror
See I heard your shit before it sounded kinda weak
Watch me blowing from the sideline, guess it's kinda peak
When I'm fucking, give me something I could fuck with
Gimme someone who gonna style got talent
Someone who could touch me
That's no one, that's why I'm never booming with my rhythm
Future seeming in dynamic, those are strengths of how I'm spitting
Devil in the details, on my frit from helmet
Line, let me spark this pig f china and show you how I'm smelling
So that covers ??? smelling me you get it
So now you gotta hear me out for lating for the seconds
Never judge me off my color, outfit or my presence
Just listen to my words and tell me I ain't sent from heaven
I ain't say I'm but no reverend, filled with ???
Man, the British coming, tell them Danny sent them