song by Dan Slicenberg
Hungry Soul lyrics

It's like crumbs to a fat kid, flesh to a shot kid
Hungry for some money dogs, running as he box
Tryina satisfy an appetite, book into the finish line
Running behind me 'cause I'm in it to win it
My rhymes gimme the power to murder you cowards
I'm up for 32 hours, pity it's a burk for you
Now it's another burden I buried
Now the words too many
Kind of pertinent this Remy, it's got me swerving I'm edgy
It's not a game when you losing
You speaking hate but I'm snoozing
You fucking brought the shit out of me, dawg
Go over, just try to be off
Save me from god, so ???
It's trouble you ain't nothing
The time is up and you done
And I'm sick of reiterating, really I mean it
Quit hating, on me a message producer
Write up a quarter performer
Mean is the beamest ever seen on a chorus
Microphone fiending to screaming for me to side in my chorus, norus!

The lettuce pouring, I'm soaring
I'm higher climbing, I'm rhyming
Doing some time, because I ain't committing crimes
And it's time to let off some negative energy
Pessimistic hysteric
When it's calm when I come
And I could have missed it, I hear it
Saying what I'm supposed to be doing
Where it's supposed to be happening
Why can't I follow this pattern
Lay this trade album be flat
Doing my best, I never meet satisfaction
Got too much on my plate
A lot of steaks but no napkins
We carry torches bringing light to your neighborhood
Chewing competition, got a bite like a gator should
Fuck what all them haters say, 'cause the EMS is here to stay
We don't wanna move bitch, we'll never get out of the way
I'm talking ??? benefit made, don't forget Chris with a K
Fam is here ready to play,
Jamming out every day ??? and I'm bringing the sickness, okay?
We close the outeries, hypertension is elevated
We celebrating and you hesitating trying to make it
I'm dying, waiting for you to hit the ground
Let me give you a one hit of boom, biggity bang and pow, wow
I got ‘em spinning like a merry go round
I see you motherfuckers grinning, feel the heavy load sounds
I'm talking piece in the face, the melvet d is a river
The chorus all is the meanest, cleanest the illest deliver, ha!

[instrumental break]