song by DaG
Bounce Ft FowL lyrics

Now come and take a ride
And what you see
I'mma make you believe
I'm not tryna be some Black eyed peas
I'm on phone business, so don't talk to me
But keep suckin' me.
I'm on full effect, and I'm on deck
So tell me what you tryna do
For you, the bitch
I'm in other zone from the head down to my shoes.
Catch disease, you lose
Speaking on truth, you know they ain't true
Always checking on the make??
This why you can't move.
This some dumb shit, but I ain't no fool.
And we slow it down and kick it
ask me if I give a fuck?
Bitch, I'm tryna get this bust
Now break it down and roll it out
What the hell is he doing?
and what the hell you doin' ?
I got pocket full ?? dumb shit
they might be suing
Now make a move, make a plan
Hercule, I'm about to slave
All to your society
Now come on take a high with me
No lying me . I'm true 'lo.
From a place we bested
Dance to sound of Godzilla.
Knife graded what ?? introduce me to the killer