song by Caleb Giles
Meditations lyrics

feat. Fousheé

Whatever you're gonna do
Oh, baby
You'd better do it right now

[Fousheé verse:]
Fuck these ni**as, I ain't hit the play
You don't remember days, wishing you'd had better place
This ain't December paint
Wishing you all here to stay
[??] praying for a different way
Told you it was different, mate
Show you the pencil and the profit while you politic and you wouldn't
Phone was clicking, always talking bout some bigger things
Meditate and focus cut the line if you stay with strenght
Oh, I know what you ain't
Had to reset the fate,
Watching the world crumble, watch the buzzes pick a wave
Circle little loop and [??]
Never running back to the flag that I do wanna play
I cannot over stay, you're speaking under hand
You say my name but you throw stones with your other hand
We saying graces, but you don't stay [?]
Couldn't return the pray, had to learn to make it to the hunters' land

I don't want the problems that you know
Tell me a [?] cuz I miss so so
Seems like the hourglass fell above my feet yeah
I can't change the past, but I'm changing what I see yeah