Yung Bleu - Don't lie to me

Don't lie to me by Yung Bleu Song lyrics | Music video

(What you say?
Oh, what you say?)

I need her like Perry need drugs
I need her like a child need love
I need her cause I want to be alone
So why you catching feelin for a thug?
Take your time when you love, don't go rushing in
Should let my feelings at the door
But now I'm stuck in here
Dare, I don't have no time, put her on the flight
[?] no time when the first night
Oh oh, and the hair good
I got a sucker on my manhood
Over and over, would you like some [?]
(Coming) told her don't leave me on
You don't love me, don't lie to me
Ain't no do's and don'ts you can do to me
Won't just be real, and don't lie to me?
Oh, don't lie to me
Yeah yeah

If I love you, I give my heart to you
If I love you, I give my heart to you
If I love you, I give my life to you
You know I cross so many nights to you
Don't lie to me
If I love you, I give my soul to you
Baby, you know I had too many hoes
Baby, I would be chillin' with the bros
Baby, baby, you know just how it goes

Pull up in that thing, and throw my keys to vallet