song by Young Hunting
Maze lyrics

I tell myself what I want to know,
They say moon hype reinvented slope,
If you're ever on your doubt
Thinking of me and my glasses,
Leave me a skeleton,
I'll throw it in for the old times sake

I let it fade every central storm,
Is it hurt to fake my loss be too late
Tell me everything you need,
When you can't come and watch me breath
You can even bring your baby

I-I saved to you room, I can not find the tomb
Will leave there soon
There's nothing you can do
I though I was someone love,
Turns out I am just a frog,
Those fool useful... sticking in my world

Next time it let's you out of your cage,
And as it watches you walk away,
Tell him you love him more than anybody else you know
Remember me as your best man
And you'll always be my best female
Shadows are black and white,
Kill off the music baby, kill off the light