WOE - Exhausted

Exhausted by WOE Song lyrics | Music video

Make your way, embrace each other
Move and right
Yell at the sound of mirrors
God I think is weak.

Sexless, I can't say that in your face
Turn that thing down and go extinct
Run for your life, my head is budging
Shit is good, don't touch my skin
Epic, golden, steal my life

Fire in my guts, there with my god
You never find a way
Don't think you're the same
The sky is still the same
Deceive the questions
A different way.

It's time to win, wish it further
Oh my God, I like my skin
Reaping alive, no one still inside
Take my fire out, take my drinks.

Nothing matters, nothing
It's your fate ?? at your face till you say
It's your fault
It's your fault, it's fault
Nothing matters till it's gone
It's your fault, it's your fault

Rip out your covers
Repent away to save yourself.

Reach it, back the way
A torch bringing dawn
Bringing dawn
Check it, nothing left
The toilets reek of ??
I've said nothing, save your push
Safe for you
Safe for you, offerings
Safe for you.