Von Alexander - Aura

Aura by Von Alexander Song lyrics


Sometimes I wonder if I'm cut out to be
If I'm cut out to be greater, if I'll ever be free
I often question god on why he brought this blessing in me
I'm just another shy kid who taught himself how to speak
'Cause when I step in this booth, it's just me and my truth
Pixels on the boards mixing up my vocals and tunes
It's up to me to decide on if I should share them with you
And chase after a spotlight that's only given a few
All of these words in which I write inside my auntie's basement
Sometimes I drive myself crazy on where my thoughts should be plating
Yeah she be thinking I'm lazy but I'm just working so hard
And I rather be writing instead of fighting the r's
Or being debted in jail, polt in bonning my bail
So everything I jock down I hope you think that it's Braille
Just tryina build my own heaven out of this fire from hell
And I just throwed a flow from Emmet James
Hit me when you touchdown

I go to parties but I'm not entertained
I do what everybody do and that just make me feel plain
To run away from my pains and celebrate all my gains
By killing my body slowly as if this life is a game
And I'm steady searching for change that only last for some days
I feel good about myself then I get back in my ways
I guess that's why I look awkward when I just step out on stage
But you don't know what thing do you
To have a crowd that through you
It's like a microscope chipping all the gold off of my halo
Trade in my precious time and be on a company's payroll
Still exploring myself like Doris' cousin Diego
Reminiscing of my life when I was just a day old
Playing with hot wheels in my auntie's living room now
Seeds I've planted early I'm seeing it for a bloom now
My time to shine is coming, I feel it can happen soon now
The little caterpillar just flew out of the cocoon now