Vic Spencer - Bahs & Scahs

Bahs & Scahs by Vic Spencer Song lyrics

Time never take a toll on me
Rolling trees, when you down and out you can hold on me
I seen SUCCESS turn us on the lane
But when I get there I swear I'll never change
I owe my engineers a whole lot of loot
I owe my wife twice as much 'cause she mother, too
That's a BIG PILL to swallow
My babies make me auto versus manual
Picasso, I just want niggers to blaze through Colorado
I stay in some KICKS the color of avocado
Overshadow myself in the El Dorado
If you got ambition to lead then why you follow?
Something wrong with the generation
Death happens everywhere, why take a vacation?
My music going through vertical integration
Y'all better off DRINKING ACID, precipitation
I feel like I'm getting better
My lady face is war peace, I knew that when I met her
Told myself I'd rather be real instead of pretend
My name on the city agenda
They want Vic Spencer out, that's 'bout to be a dilemma
I'm savage when it comes to the talent
But the planet don't want to envision no balance
So everybody dying, not a shit, been a habit
If it didn't happen then I wouldn't be writing this ballad
It's about to be a WICKED AFFAIR
All my enemies walking on air
I stomp on the tracks barefeet
I'm not buzzing, I'm boiling, kinetic theory of heat
One shot, you get blocked by blindfolds
Rappers gotta be LUCKY, I don't let 'em smoke

You found yourself away from me
Come back home
You can come back home
Find your way back home
Find your way back home