Vic Mensa - Suitcase feat. Chance the Rapper

Suitcase feat. Chance the Rapper by Vic Mensa Song lyrics | Music video

It's not a suitcase, MORE OF A BRIEFCASE
I be on business and my new place isn't a duplex
More of an escape, I be gone trippin'
Kiss the kids and kick the dogs, fix the dinner, fix the faucet
Wash the dish and wish for rain and when it pours make sure in the midst of all
You don't forget to call me TO COME BACK
Part of me on that, I was too young
You was young, too but I WAS TOO YOUNG
What you want me to say? I'm a deadbeat dad, all the sex we had was my fault?
The checks she had wasn't enough to get by, it's my fault?
I bought a new suitcase, I be gone trippin'
But I can do it later if he got game, oh, now he trippin'
Got his own case, he dippin', run like your pops, junior

Out of state feels great but it's good to be home
Looking at the crib through the window
Sometimes the littlest things in life don't seem so big till you're grown
Take it for granted, cement footsteps, smoke rings rotate with the planet
And the plan is spend it all before the market crash
Oh shit, red alert, PANIC!
Somehow the fuel in the left wing leaked and we all went down
And my seat belt be tight enough to keep me wired up with a plane spiralin' off in the clouds
And was lost in the dust but they scooped me up in a cup and dumped me off in a pile
Blow me in the wind, over the mountain, what I owe my accountant
What if they only found my suitcase? Would I be on Newsweek?
What if I was a newlywed with a newborn of two weeks
And my flight to the UK crashed in the Yukon
And I woke up on a distant beach with a peach in my mouth
Sand in my hair and no shoes on?

Hit the road Jack, don't you come back no more, no more, no more
Hit the road Jack, please come back one more, one more, one more

Every other day is a trip, another suitcase
Flying high with gray skies and my suitcase, been gone for two days
Packed my memories in the bag, inside my suitcase, take it the UK
Somewhere on the clouds, FLYING HIGH IN A DREAM