song by Tyler Burkhart
Waiting For You lyrics

[Indie-Folk music]

If our stars aligned,
You won't catch me, not this time
He whispers to himself,
Quietly wishing [?] to someone else
Depending on you, uh uh
I'm always waiting on you, uh uh

Through alley line,
Seems he's always looking for a fight
He keeps his jaw clenched high
When he turns the corner, he looks twice
Looking for you, uh uh
Feels like I'm only looking for you, uh uh

[Instrumental/ vocal break]

Time to call it quits,
Got to taste the [?]
When he's drinking just to sleep,
Only for the dream he wakes to
Dreaming of you, uh uh
I guess I'm dreaming of you, uh uh