song by TORAE
Waiting On Christmas Day lyrics

feat. Bluu Suede

Let it snow
Let it snow
Lei it snow.
Now is the time
Everything's glistening with love
Family's around, having a little family on love.
Hang some lights in the window
Hang there a little mistletoe.
Can I get a little,
Maybe gift my way?!
I'm waiting on Christmas Day!

Christmas Eve in the city
The mall fittin' the walls
Shopping carts full with new toys, sneakers and clothes
Doing the last minute shopping
We all tryna go home
You diswrappin' ??
Got the home smell proper
The egg knock little vodca
It's Charlie Brown on the TV calling the stockin'
It's the most wonderful time of the year
Yeah, you remind the loved ones
They're the ones on your mind
Folks shopping online
Tryna get them the dill while the credit cards skimmer tryna get them still